Achieving Greatness

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Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for all the good words in your newsletters. I always  appreciate reading them and feel inspired to do more in my business and my life to build others up. Your encouragement helps!

Sarah from Chicgo


Achieving Greatness

What is the difference between mediocrity and greatness?  Maybe not as much as you think.

You know, it really takes very little to make a big difference in our lives and in the world. In professional baseball for example, most batters hit for an average of about .250, which means that they get one hit for every four times at bat. Anyone who hits .300, three hits out of ten, is considered a star.  By the end of the season, there are only about a dozen players out of hundreds in the leagues who have maintained a .300 average, and these are the ones who get the big contracts, the acclaim, and the TV commercials.  Even my son, Tyler, knows that you can’t hit the ball if you don’t swing!

In other words, the difference between the great players and the ordinary players is only one hit out of twenty!  This slim margin of greatness in baseball symbolizes to me the dynamics of greatness in life, because when we use just a tiny bit more of our potential, we become outstanding human beings.

Now, the purpose of being outstanding is not to win acclaim or glory, but to be more of what we can be.  If you accept the idea that most of your present limitations are not based on any unchangeable reality but are rather the result of beliefs you hold about reality, then the next step is to deliberately and systematically change those beliefs. It’s called possibility thinking, and it’s a skill you can learn quite easily. I know you can do it too.

Control of Your Life

Recently I have been hit with some pretty huge obstacles. Life is like that. Most of us are hit with the unexpected from time to time and sometimes we can even feel helpless to make things right again. Do you ever feel like events in your life have gotten out of control? No matter how diligently you set goals, visualize results, and affirm a positive outcome, every once in a while your life is going to feel as if it’s gone a little crazy. Carefully laid plans go up in smoke – sometimes quite literally. People you counted on bail out on you. A health or family crisis strikes. A loved one is lost. An unexpected accident puts you out of commission for a while. Your car breaks down. A long planned promotion at work falls through. Your business didn’t hit the level you had worked and planned for. An earthquake or tornado puts you back to square one. Suddenly you feel as if you are completely off course, out of control, and lost at sea. At times like this, there are a few things it may help you to remember.

1.) First of all, no one can control every aspect of his or her lives. Adversity comes to all of us, no matter how moral we are, no         matter how hard we work, and no matter how good our attitude is. Bad things happen to good people all the time.

2.) Second, it’s important to realize that there is one and only one thing in life that is completely within your power to control, and that is your response to what happens to you. Your response and your attitude are the two things that are completely within your control and the only thing you can adjust when the storms and tragedies of life strike.

3.) When you find yourself overcome with feelings of fear, helplessness, doom and gloom, you can put the brakes on these feelings by gently but firmly choosing to shift the focus of the thoughts that are running through your mind. You can instead replace those negative thoughts with a picture of what you would like to see become the end result.

How do I do that, you may be thinking? It may be easier than you imagine. Your feelings are a direct result of the thoughts you think. Setting aside some time every morning and evening for positive visualization, affirmation, or guided meditation is a highly effective way of getting these thoughts back under your control again. A powerful example of this comes from an experience of Arjuna, a friend of mine. He and his wife were facing a challenge of unspeakable depth. Read about their life-changing turn around here: I Found Out What True Happiness Is

Another thing I have recently begun doing is to take some time each morning and write three pages of thoughts. That’s it—three pages. It doesn’t matter what you write down, just that you do it. Somehow putting your thoughts down on paper frees your mind to do the more creative and productive things that create positive results in your work, home, and relationships. Try it. I think you’ll be surprised at just how well it works. And when that next wave of challenge rises it’s ugly head, you’ll be better prepared to face it, overcome it, and move through it to a better day.

Be Extra-ordinary!

You may ask yourself, how do athletes go from contender to superstar? How do ordinary people become extraordinary? Here’s a secret to achieve breakthrough performance in your everyday life.

Everyone has times when they feel like they are unstoppable, times when they are doing whatever it is they do with ease, grace and incredible skill. But no one, not even the best of the best, can operate in that ideal performance-state 100% of the time.

The secret to achieving extraordinarily high levels of performance is learning how to take command of your mind and body so that you can operate at your peak when you need to, and relax and recover in between. Here’s how.

1.) First, goal setting is a key. Many people don’t like to set goals because they don’t like to fail. However, you have to develop mental toughness if you’re going to grow, and setting and achieving goals is one way to do it.

2.) Another way is to develop the ability to get rid of negative thoughts when they occur and substitute images of success and power.

3.) Finally, sticking to a sensible program of self-care – including good nutrition, regular restful sleep, built-in periods of laughter and play, and vigorous physical exercise – will do wonders for your self-image.

Are you willing to settle for “ordinary” in your life, or do you want something more? If you do, go after it with everything you’ve got and believe in your ability to do it!


Have you ever thought about the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?  They both sound good, but I believe one is far better.  Most businesses want to run an efficient operation, and spend a lot of time and energy trying to get there.  But it is equally, if not more, important to make your business effective.

Efficiency means doing things with a minimum of effort – low input for high output.  In other words, efficiency means doing things right.  But what things?  A very important question!  You see, effectiveness is doing the right things right, and that is what you want to aim for.  You see you can be as efficient as the dickens at doing the wrong things.

You can practice the wrong technique or the wrong moves until you have them down perfectly. Then, you are going to wonder and worry about why your business is failing, why your customers aren’t coming back, why sales are down profits are dropping, and your relationships are suffering even though everything is working like a well-oiled machine.

When you visualize yourself or your business, don’t just see yourself doing things right.  See yourself doing the right things right.

Remember that sometimes the right thing, even if done imperfectly, can beat the heck out of a flawless performance of the wrong thing.  This holds true for everyone, not just those of you in business.  It makes just as much sense for athletes, homemakers, teachers and students – anyone who really cares about excellence.

It’s great to be efficient, but effectiveness is what you really want.

And remember, Dream Big!


© Cynthia Stewart founder of Dream Big is an international speaker and the author of several books, which include “Dream Big! A Woman’s Book of Marketing” and “Creating Wealth on The Web”. Through many challenges that she has fought and won, Cynthia knows first-hand how to dream big and has dedicated her life to empower other’s to stand-up, step-out, and reach their dreams. She can be reached at



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